Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Building bridges

Tomorrow morning I'll be a guest on an episode of a new show: Tawasol. It's arabic for "building bridges". The show is slated to air Dec. 20th, and the episode in which i'm participating will air in January. The show will be broadcast on arabic news network, Alhurra, which broadcasts to 26 million viewers across the Middle East.

We're discussing ways young adults use the internet and social media to send a message and establish a dialogue worldwide, including through social networking sites and blogs like mine! The show connects Americans real-time with people in the Middle East.

Fellow guests with me tommorrow will be Saudi blogger, Ahmed Al-Omran, founder of blog Saudi Jeans, Abdullah Mosaad of web portal What's Up Youth, and Lebanese blogger and activist Darine El Sabagh.

As far as the specifics of what I have to say - you'll have to tune in to find out! While Tawasol only airs on tv in the Middle East, American followers can view the episode online when it airs in January and i'll be sure and post the link then so you can check it out.

As the banner at the bottom of my blog says, "The world is ruled and governed by opinion." Nowhere in the world are individual opinions heard on so large a scale and by so large an audience as they are online. Here's to blogging and social networking being used for the right reasons and hopefully having a positive effect in the world, however small.