Monday, September 21, 2009

Devine's speed foiled by own QB's failures: WVU vs Auburn

After a lightning-laden torrential downpour delayed the start of the WVU / Auburn game for an hour, things got off to a fast and, for the Mountaineers, promising start.

In their first drive of the game, WVU running back Noel Devine, lucky number 7, scored a 1 yard touchdown on the heels of a huge pass which got the ball to the first-and-goal range. Minutes later, Devine scored again with a 71 yard run. The speed with which he evaded and straight up out ran the Auburn players on this play and throughout the night looked like the would-be outcome of a Shaq versus Ubain Bolt race. It reminded me of watching Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor when he played for Jeannette High School, where his QB keep running plays resulted in touchdown after touchdown and looked like he was playing against elementary school kids.

By the end of the first quarter, WVU still lead 21-10, and Auburn had virtually tied the game at 21-20 by halftime. WVU resolidified their lead thanks again to Devine, who ran another touchdown, this time for 12 yards, on a third-and-short play. They missed their extra point, however, which was one of a string of errors from which the Mountaineers could not recover. The missed point left Auburn in a position to tie the game on an 82 yard pass by QB Chris Todd.

Unfortunately, Devine and his 128 rushing yards were the only thing the Mountaineers brought to the table Saturday night. Auburn went on to win, 41-30, thanks largely to four interceptions thrown by WVU QB Jarrett Brown, and another by second string QB Geno Smith; all this and more leading to a total of six Mountaineer turnovers.

Despite the fact that WVU had a few more passing yards and first downs, more than double the rushing yards, and more time of possession, you just can't win when your playing is that sloppy.

The turnovers nullified anything good the Mountaineers had done, and even Devine couldn't outrun his team's mistakes. I bet he wished the game was rained out... as a Mountaineers fan who watched the game at a house party with 2 fellow WVU fans and roughly 12 Auburn fans, I know I did...

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